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The June 17th Holiday (June 11, 1963)

June 17th Holiday (1980)

“This is the Face of the Fascist Spawn of Adenauer, Ollenhauer, Kaiser, and Reuter!” (June 21, 1953)

Fleeing to the British Sector under Fire from the Barracked People’s Police (June 17, 1953)

View from the West: Soviet Tanks in East Berlin (June 17, 1953)

Stones vs. Tanks: Workers’ Uprising (June 17, 1953)

June 17, 1953 (map)

Secret Report of the Soviet Military Leadership on the Events of June 17-19, 1953 (June 24, 1953)

Marion Gräfin Dönhoff, “Stones against Red Tanks” (June 25, 1953)

“The Failed Adventures of Foreign Agents in Berlin” (June 18, 1953)

“The Crimes of West Berlin Provocateurs” (June 18, 1953)

Victims of the June 17th Uprising are Remembered at a Memorial Service in front of Schöneberg City Hall in West Berlin (June 23, 1953)

Clips from the Show Trial against Ernst Jennrich (August 25, 1953)