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1969: No Ordinary Change in Government (Retrospective Account, 2001)

Heiner Geißler and the “New Social Question” (1969)

Willy Brandt after the No Confidence Vote in the Bundestag (April 27, 1972)

Family, Child-Rearing, and the Role of Women (December 3, 1961)

The Catholic Church, Abortion, and Elections in the Federal Republic (August 31, 1972)

Helmut Kohl (1973)

CDU Poster for Bundestag Elections: “Upwards with Germany” (1983)

The End of Postwar History? (October 18, 1963)

Farewell to Chancellor Konrad Adenauer (October 15, 1963)

Adenauer’s Resignation (October 16, 1963)

Ludwig Erhard with Cigar, Official Portrait (1963)

Chancellor Ludwig Erhard and Rainer Barzel (1964)

Germany’s First Grand Coalition Government (1966)

The Ahlen Program of the CDU (February 1947)

The CDU and the “Social Market Economy”: Düsseldorf Guidelines for Economic Policy, Agricultural Policy, Social Policy, and Housing (July 15, 1949)

Inauguration of Konrad Adenauer as the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (September 15, 1949)

Appeal to the German People by the Christian Democratic Union (June 26, 1945)

Federal Minister Franz-Josef Wuermeling on the Task of Family Policy (1958)

Emil Schäfer on the Person and Tasks of the Federal Minister of Family Affairs (1953)

Franz-Josef Wuermeling, Federal Minister of Family Affairs (September 1954)

“Der Wirtschafts-Wunder-Baum”: CDU Election Campaign Ad (1957)

Hans Katzer on the Acquisition of Property among Workers: “The Promise Must be Kept…” (1959)

“All Marxist Paths Lead to Moscow”: Election Poster for the Christian Democratic Union (1953)

“No Experiments!” CDU Election Campaign Ad (1957)

“Demnächst nicht in diesem Theater”: CDU Election Campaign Ad (1961)