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Herbert Marcuse Denounces the Vietnam War (May 22, 1966)

Fourteen Intellectuals Condemn the Dutschke Assassination Attempt (April 19, 1969)

"To the Base – against Self-Satisfaction": Erwin Strittmatter’s Contribution to the Discussion at the Bitterfeld Conference [Excerpt] (April 24, 1959)

"The Cultural League at Ten" – Lead Article in Neues Deutschland (July 2, 1955)

Report of the Central Party Control Commission of the SED on the Emergence and Goals of the “Harich Group” (March 26, 1957)

Introduction to the First Issue of Frankfurter Hefte (April 1946)

Pro and contra Jazz: Joachim-Ernst Behrendt and Theodor W. Adorno (1953)

W.E.B. Du Bois Reflects on his Time in Nazi Germany (1936)

Europe and the United States (May 31, 2003)

Appeal “For our Country“ (November 26, 1989)

The Social Democratic Intellectual Peter Glotz Warns against a False Normalization (1994)

Rainer Zitelmann: Reunification and German Self-Hatred (1992)

Founding Appeal of the New Forum (September 9, 1989)

Heiner Müller on the Sell-Out of the GDR (July 30, 1990)

Publicist Arnulf Baring Warns of a Declining Germany (1997)

How Do Germans Think about Europe? (February 9, 2012)

Georg Forster, “Observations on [France’s] New Communal Spirit” (1793)

Friedrich Schlegel, Essay on the Concept of Republicanism Occasioned by the Kantian Tract ‘Perpetual Peace’ (1796)

Dorothea Schlegel, Letter to Friedrich Schlegel (August 21, 1808)

Friedrich Schlegel, Athenaeum Fragments (1798)

August Wilhelm Schlegel, Excerpt from Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature (1808)