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The Basic Treaty (December 21, 1972)

Ransom for Political Prisoners (Retrospective Account, 2009)

Modifying the Hallstein Doctrine (June 4, 1969)

The GDR’s Struggle for International Recognition (Retrospective Account, 2004)

East German Government Delegation Visits Cuba (1974)

Sister Cities Bonn and Oxford: Sign in Front of the Koblenz Gate in Bonn (1987)

“Cultural Progress in the Congo” (1884)

Bismarck with Diplomatic Envoys of Germany’s Federal States (1889)

Anton von Werner, The Congress of Berlin (1881)

Foreign Ministers of Russia, Germany, and Austria-Hungary (September 15–17, 1884)

The Suez Crisis: “The Advance on Sinai” (October 31st, 1956)

The Hallstein Doctrine (June 28, 1956)

Correspondence between Nikolai Bulganin and Konrad Adenauer on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the USSR and the Federal Republic of Germany (September 13-14, 1955)

Federal Chancellor Adenauer on a State Visit to Moscow (September 11, 1955)

Adenauer’s State Visit to Moscow (September 9-13, 1955)

“Stop the Warmongers! Stop the Perpetrators of Genocide!” (November 1st, 1956)

The Suez Crisis: “Disregarding the UN, War Continues” (November 6, 1956)

Entrance of the All-German Team during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Melbourne (November 22, 1956)

Nikita Khrushchev on a State Visit to the GDR (August 1957)

U.S. State Department Memorandum (December 20, 1958)

John Foster Dulles on the Possibility of Negotiations with the GDR (November 26, 1958)

Three Telegrams from U.S. High Commissioner John McCloy to Secretary of State Dean Acheson regarding the “Stalin Note” (1952)

Western Powers’ Reply (March 25, 1952)

POWs Returning from the Soviet Union Following Adenauer’s Visit to Moscow (October 1, 1955)

A Woman Discovers Her Son among Returning POWs at the Friedland Transfer Camp (October 1, 1955)