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Heiner Geißler and the “New Social Question” (1969)

Expansion of the Social Welfare State (September 24, 1973)

The “New Poverty” in the Federal Republic (1976)

Social Welfare State Based on the Rule of Law (April 4, 1973)

Helping the Homeless in Munich (1984)

Performing Civil Service (1986)

The Social Welfare State in Crisis (July 27, 1981)

A Catholic View of the Economy, Excerpt from Wilhelm Emmanuel von Ketteler’s “The Worker Question and Christianity” (1864)

Berlin People’s Kitchen (1860s)

Orphaned Girls and Boys in a Welfare Institution (1846)

A Sociological Analysis of the Spread of Affluence (1974)

Emil Schwabe, Unresolved Questions (1887)

The Situation of Young People in Aachen (1947)

“Ten Years of Social Policy in the Two German States”: Article by the Former Director of Social Security of the GDR, Paul Peschke (October 1959)

The Illegitimate Children of Members of the Occupying Forces in the Federal Republic and in West Berlin (1956)

Infant Care Course at the School for Stay-at-Home Mothers in Oberbach/Röhn (1937)

Cooking Class at the School for Reich Brides and Mothers on Schwanenwerder Island in Berlin (1938)

Room for Newborns in the “Lebensborn” Association Maternity Home in Steinhöring (Upper Bavaria) (1938)

Stew for the Winter Relief Fund at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin (1935)

“City Children to the Countryside” (June 1936)

Chancellor Gerhard Schröder Introduces “Agenda 2010” (March 14, 2003)

Protest on the Sidelines of the BDI Congress (September 22, 2003)

ATTAC Protest against Agenda 2010 (August 14, 2003)

Popular Outrage against Cuts in Unemployment Benefits (August 9, 2004)

Resentment against the Support for East German Migrants (January 22, 1990)