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Women Cleaning Up after Forced Evictions in the Warthegau (1941)

German 5 cm Pak 38 Anti-Tank Gun in Open Artillery Position on a Street Crossing in Stalingrad (October 8, 1942)

Eastern Front: German Tank Stuck in the Snow (December 1941)

Soviet POWs behind Barbed Wire (1942)

Hitler’s “Scorched Earth” Decree (Nero Decree) (March 19, 1945) and Albert Speer’s Response (March 29, 1945)

Diary Entry by Felix Landau, Member of a Mobile Killing Squad (July 12, 1941)

SS Untersturmführer Dr. August Becker to SS-Obersturmbannführer Walter Rauff on the Use of Gassing Vans (May 16, 1942)

Europe in April 1944

Jewish Victims of the Holocaust by Country, Sept. 1, 1939–⁠May 7, 1945

Estimated Fatalities During the Second World War by Country (1939-1945)

Goebbels’s New Propaganda Guidelines (June 22, 1941)

Occupation Terror in the Soviet Union: Partisans are Hanged to Deter Others (c. 1943)

General Friedrich Paulus after the Capitulation in Stalingrad (January 31, 1943)

Burning Houses in Stalingrad (February 2, 1943)

Major General Walter Bruns’s Description of the Execution of Jews outside Riga on December 1, 1941 (April 25, 1945)

Gathering Point for Jewish Residents of a Bessarabian Village (September 1941)

Photo of the Villa at Wannsee 56-58, Location of the Wannsee Conference (January 20, 1942)

Jewish Partisans in Vilnius (1943–45)