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Defending the Academic Fortress (1970)

Family, Child-Rearing, and the Role of Women (December 3, 1961)

The Ostensible End of the Protest Movement (March 15, 1975)

The Western Alliance and NATO’s Dual-Track Decision (December 14, 1979)

The Six Articles (June 28, 1832) and the Ten Articles (July 5, 1832)

Carlsbad Decrees: Federal Press Law (September 20, 1819)

Excerpt from Prince Clemens von Metternich’s Political Creed (1820)

Friedrich Gentz, Memorandum on “Estates Constitutions” (1819/1844)

Prince Clemens von Metternich to Friedrich Gentz (June 17, 1819)

Friedrich Eichhorn to Adolf Heinrich von Arnim (June 7, 1844)

Speech of Friedrich Julius Stahl against the Repeal of the Prussian Constitution (1853)

August Ludwig von Rochau, Foundations of Realpolitik (1853)

The Conservatives: Friedrich Julius Stahl, “What is the Revolution?” (1852)

Definition of the Term “Parties” from the Staats-Lexikon (1845–48)

The New Peter von Amiens (1849)

Conservative Denunciation of Occupational Freedom as the Result of an Interfering State Bureaucracy (1851)

Wilhelm Heinrich Riehl, Excerpt from Land and People (1854)

Wilhelm Heinrich Riehl, Excerpt from Civil Society (1851)

Women’s Activism during the Revolution: Appeal of the Married Women and Maidens of Württemberg to German Warriors (1849)

Conservative Criticism of Women’s Activism (1852)

A Conservative Folklorist on Social Class and Gender Roles (1852)

Excerpts from Two Sermons by Friedrich August Tholuck, “What is Human Reason Worth?” (c. 1840) and “When is Greater Civic Freedom Fortunate for a People?” (1848)

Wilhelm Emmanuel von Ketteler (c. 1865)

The Spiegel Affair and the Strengths and Weaknesses of German Democracy (November 12, 1962)

Julius Friedrich Anton Schrader, Portrait of Leopold von Ranke (1868)