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Training Course for Women (1962)

In the Laboratory (1967)

Conference on Equality for Women in the Workplace (1972)

Cobbler’s Workshop (c. 1850)

The Sewing Room (1823)

Speech by Louise Otto, Chairwoman of the General German Women’s Association, at its Third General Assembly (1869)

First Feminist Efforts: Statutes of the General German Women’s Association (1865)

Founding of the Association for the Promotion of Employment Qualifications among Members of the Female Sex (Retrospective, 1891)

Secretary with a New Typewriter (1961)

Fritz Paulsen, At the Employment Agency or Servants’ Bureau (1881)

Berlin Employment Agency for Domestic Servants (1889)

Graduating Class of a Girl’s Vocational School in Hamburg (1882)

A Social Democratic Women’s Meeting in Berlin (1890)

Propaganda Photo: Land Reform in the Soviet Occupation Zone (September 1945)

Control Council Law No. 32 on the Employment of Women in Building and Reconstruction Work (July 10, 1946)

The Federal Executive Board of the Democratic Women’s League of Germany: Working Directive on the Law for the Protection of Mothers and the Rights of Women (November 6, 1950)

Resolution of the Second Party Congress of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany on the Women’s Question (September 24, 1947)

The 6th Interzonal Trade Union Conference: Position of Women in the Economy, the Restructuring of Social Security (October 21–23, 1947)

Order Regarding Measures to Increase Labor Productivity and to Further Improve the Material Situation of the Workers and Salaried Employees in Industry and the Transportation Sector (1947)

Recommendations for Promoting Women’s Work in East German Enterprises (1949)

Taking a Break during Clearing Operations in Berlin (1945-46)

Anita Grandke, “Does the Working Woman Destroy Her Family?” (June 11, 1960)

Assessment of the 12th Plenum of the Central Committee of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany on Getting Women to Take up Gainful Employment (1961)

Comment by a Female Teacher after a Lecture by Kurt Hager on the Situation in Schools (October 1960)

Housework with Husband and Children (1955)