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GDR Justification of the Warsaw Pact Intervention in Prague (August 21, 1968)

The “Prague Spring” Comes to an End: Woman with a Photograph of Alexander Dubček und Ludvík Svoboda (August 21, 1968)

Petition for an Exit Visa (April 20, 1977)

The Christian Peace Movement in the GDR (1983)

Stasi Guidelines on the Development and Management of “Operational Cases” (1976)

Victim Narrative (Retrospective Account, 2005)

Leading GDR Writers Protest the Expatriation of Wolf Biermann (November 17, 1976)

Günter Gaus, Niche Society (1983)

Peace and Human Rights (1986)

Jena Peace Community (May 19, 1983)

Stasi Report on the Size and Structure of the East German Opposition (June 1, 1989)

Heiner Müller (1994)

The Six Articles (June 28, 1832) and the Ten Articles (July 5, 1832)

Carlsbad Decrees: Federal Press Law (September 20, 1819)

Inmates in the Prison Church (1837)

Excerpt from Prince Clemens von Metternich’s Political Creed (1820)

Prince Clemens von Metternich to Friedrich Gentz (June 17, 1819)

Eyes Open! (c. 1845)

Cultural Repression by the SED Central Committee (December 16, 1965)

The Communist Leadership’s Criticism of Rock ’n’ Roll Music as a Form of Western Subversion (October 13, 1965)

Socialists on Trial for Treason (1872)

“Reichstag Dissolution” (July 7, 1878)

A Comrade’s “Safe-Conduct” Papers (February 14, 1885)

Consequences of the Anti-Socialist Laws—Police Break up a Peaceful Assembly in Berlin (1890)

Ludwig Knaus, The Malcontent (1877)