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Agreement on Border Crossing (December 17, 1963)

Quadripartite Agreement on Berlin (September 3, 1971)

Berlin (1961)

Traffic Near the Inner-German Border (1973–1989)

Transit Routes to West Berlin (1972)

Visitor from West Berlin (1966)

Inner-German Border near Heldra (Hesse) (1952)

Family Members Are Greeted after a Successful Escape to the West (c. 1952)

β€œAt the Border Movie Theaters: With Rubbish for Freedom!” (April 1956)

At the Border Crossing in Helmstedt (November 18, 1950)

Willy Brandt on the Refugees from the GDR Arriving in West Berlin (September 4, 1958)

Integration in Practice: France and Germany (June 8, 2006)

Traffic at the Border Crossing Near Rasdorf in Hesse (November 19, 1989)

Crowd of People at the New Border Crossing on Bernauer Strasse (November 12, 1989)

The Hopes of East German Refugees (August 8, 1989)

Opening of the Iron Curtain (August 19, 1989)

GDR Refugees with their New West German Passports (August 19, 1989)

The Fall of the Berlin Wall (November 9, 1989)