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Liberal Musings on the Character of the Generational Revolt (October 18, 1968)

Daring More Democracy (October 28, 1969)

Serving Peace (July 1, 1969)

All Advertisements in Vain (1965)

Why Don’t Our Parents Tell the Truth? (August 1959)

Heinz Kluth, “Halbstarke – Legend or Reality?” (1956)

Adolf Busemann, “Barbarization and Brutalization” (1956)

Hermann Hesse, Letter to a Young German (1946)

“Young Rowdies” in Berlin-Kreuzberg (1956)

“The Great Head-wagging about Young People” (1956)

“A DEFA-Film of International Stature”: Berlin, Ecke Schönhauser (1957)

Berlin, Ecke Schönhauser – A DEFA Film about Young People (1957)

A Bill Haley Concert at the Berlin Sportpalast (October 26, 1958)

OMGUS Survey of Prejudice and Antisemitism (April 1948)