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Report by the Prussian District Government in Koblenz on the Civic Condition of the Jews (1820)

Motion to Grant Full Emancipation to Jews in the Duchy of Nassau (1846)

Excerpts from Gabriel Riesser’s Pamphlet on the Emancipation of the Jews (1831)

Report on the Civic Conditions of the Jews in the Duchy of Nassau (1822)

Jewish Population in Central European Cities (1871–1910)

Goebbels Announcing the Boycott of Jewish Retailers (April 1, 1933)

The Harrison Report (September 1945)

Synod of the Protestant Church in Germany: “Statement on the Jewish Question” (April 27, 1950)

Paul Merker to the Chairman of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany, Wilhelm Pieck, on the Compensation Law in the Soviet Occupation Zone (1948)

Decree on the Creation of a New Ordinance to Secure the Rights of Recognized Victims of Nazi Persecution (1953)

Chancellor Konrad Adenauer on the Federal Republic’s Attitude towards the Jews (September 27, 1951)

OMGUS Survey on Antisemitism in the American Zone (December 1946)

OMGUS Survey of Prejudice and Antisemitism (April 1948)