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Sharing a Meal in a Political Commune (1968)

Uschi Obermaier and Rainer Langhans, Members of “Commune I” (1969)

Prefabricated Concrete Buildings (1974)

Retirement and Nursing Home in Reutlingen (1977)

A Young Family on the Balcony of their New Apartment in Greifswald (1979)

Helping the Homeless in Munich (1984)

Squatters Occupy a Berlin Apartment Building (1981)

House Occupied by Squatters (1980)

The Right of Complaint (1980)

Cheap Rents and Housing Shortages (Retrospective Account, 2010)

Model of Rental Barracks on Kastanienallee in the Prenzlauer Berg Neighborhood of Berlin in the1880s

Reconstruction of a Building near the Frauenkirche in Munich (1947/48)

The CDU and the “Social Market Economy”: Düsseldorf Guidelines for Economic Policy, Agricultural Policy, Social Policy, and Housing (July 15, 1949)

Carrying One’s Possessions in a Backpack (1945)

The Health Office of the City of Düsseldorf on General Health Conditions (1946)

Destroyed Apartment Building in Berlin (1947)

From the City of Aachen’s Social Report on Family Housing (1947)

Confiscation of Living Space by the British Occupying Power (1947)

Makeshift Balcony in a Destroyed Berlin House (1946)

Emergency Accommodations in “Nissen Huts” in Hamburg (1946)

Statistical Report on the Development of the Standard of Living in the German Democratic Republic and in the Federal Republic of Germany (1956)

Subsidized Housing (1952)

The Social Democratic Party’s Housing Construction Program for the Western Occupation Zones (May/June, 1949)

Proclamation of the Principles of Urban Planning by the Council of Ministers of the German Democratic Republic (September 15, 1950)

New Buildings in Sangerhausen (Saxony-Anhalt) (1953)