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The Western Alliance and NATO’s Dual-Track Decision (December 14, 1979)

The Peace Movement and West German Foreign Policy (October 19, 1981)

European Integration and National Interests (1962)

Walter Hallstein (c. 1955)

The Two German States in the United Nations (September 19, 1973)

Walter Ulbricht on a State Visit to Egypt (1965)

The GDR’s Struggle for International Recognition (Retrospective Account, 2004)

East German Government Delegation Visits Cuba (1974)

Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Visits the White House (1977)

The Suez Crisis: “The Advance on Sinai” (October 31st, 1956)

The Hallstein Doctrine (June 28, 1956)

Federal Chancellor Adenauer on a State Visit to Moscow (September 11, 1955)

“Signals of a Revolt” (December 5, 1956)

“Stop the Warmongers! Stop the Perpetrators of Genocide!” (November 1st, 1956)

The Suez Crisis: “Disregarding the UN, War Continues” (November 6, 1956)

Signing of the Rome Treaties on the Founding of the European Economic Community (EEC) and Euratom (European Atomic Energy Commission) (March 25, 1957)

The U.S. State Department Analyzes the Soviet Note on Berlin (January 7, 1959)

A Continent on the Move (January 7, 1960)

Cuba’s Land Reforms Move Forward (April 1st, 1960)

Why Should Fidel Castro Concern Us? (June 9, 1960)

John Foster Dulles on the Possibility of Negotiations with the GDR (November 26, 1958)

“Cuba’s Revolution Will Remain Victorious”: Interview with Blas Roca (April 14, 1960)

Fidel Castro Harms the Cause of Developing Countries (July 7, 1960)

A Free India (August 14, 1947)

Article on the Partition of India (October 4, 1947)