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Unemployment Rates among Different Population Groups (1983)

Social Policy and Women (1989)

Declining Birth Rates (1950–1990)

East German Foreign Trade (1956–85)

Statistics on East German Resettlers, Refugees, and Escapees (1961–1990)

Statistics on Foreigners in the Federal Republic (1950–2001)

Proportion of Non-Agricultural Workers in Germany’s Federal States and Prussian Provinces (1882)

Gainfully Employed Persons and Labor Force Participation Rate (1949–1970)

The Illegitimate Children of Members of the Occupying Forces in the Federal Republic and in West Berlin (1956)

Statistical Report on the Development of the Standard of Living in the German Democratic Republic and in the Federal Republic of Germany (1956)

Analysis of Denazification Categories in the Western Occupation Zones (1949-1950)

Republikflucht by Young People, Young Returnees, and New Arrivals in the Period from January to September 1960 (November 10, 1960)

Refugees from the Soviet Occupation Zone/GDR in the Federal States of West Germany (1950 and 1961)

Occupational Breakdown of Refugee Movement in Percentages (1952–1961)

The Age Distribution of Refugees from the Soviet Occupation Zone and the GDR (1949–1962)

Refugee Movement (1950–1963)

Expellees in the Federal States of West Germany (1950 and 1961)

Why Single Women Are Good Mothers (July 26, 1960)

Structural Change in the Workforce (1950–1970)

Decline in Jewish Businesses in Berlin by Sector (1933-1938)

Youth Detention in Munich (1936-37)

Births and Marriages (1900, 1905, 1910 and 1913-1941)

Radio Use in Germany, 1929-1941

Migration in Numbers

Politically Motivated Crime (2001-2020)