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Blockade of the Springer Publishing House in Hamburg (1968)

Uschi Obermaier and Rainer Langhans, Members of “Commune I” (1969)

“Killer War against the State”: The Kidnapping of Hanns Martin Schleyer (September 12, 1977)

The Politburo Gets Briefed (September 15, 1987)

Der Spiegel: Four Covers about the Oil Crisis (November 1973)

The Media Warns of “Forest Dieback and Acid Rain” (1983)

“Children, Kitchen, Crisis” (1966)

Emma (1977)

The Schism in the Coalition as Reflected by Political Commentators (September 18, 1982)

The Spiegel Affair and the Strengths and Weaknesses of German Democracy (November 12, 1962)

Munich Demonstration for Freedom of the Press in Response to the Spiegel Affair (c. October/November 1962)

Train Wreck in Alsace (September 3, 1882)

Report by the American Secret Service about the Attitudes of the German Population in the American Occupation Zone (August 12, 1945)

OMGUS Survey of Trends in German Public Opinion (1945–47)

OMGUS Survey of Trends in German Public Opinion (1945–48)

OMGUS Survey of Trends in German Public Opinion (1945–49)

Section of the Berlin Wall, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin (1973)

Der Spiegel on the TV Miniseries “Holocaust” (January 28, 1979)

Stern Presents Hitler’s Diaries (April 1983)

Police Occupy the Publishing House of the KPD-Mouthpiece Freies Volk [Free People] in Düsseldorf on the Day of the Verdict against the Party (August 17, 1956)

SPD Politician Herbert Wehner (October 1954)

Anti-Fascist Imagery: “Hurrah, We’re out of Butter!” (December 19, 1935)

NS-Frauenwarte: The Only Official Party Magazine for Women (April 1940)

Letter from the Rudolf Mosse Publishing House to a Former Subscriber to the Berliner Tageblatt (May 12, 1933)

Nazi Propaganda Film: Germans in Argentina (1938)