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East-West German Initiative (1983)

Freedom at the Core of the German Question (March 15, 1984)

Günter Mittag and Franz Josef Strauß in Bonn (April 6, 1984)

Ernst Breit and Harry Tisch in Düsseldorf (1985)

Meeting of the Transportation Ministers of the GDR and the Federal Republic in Bonn (July 9, 1984)

Erich Honecker and Richard von Weizsäcker in the Park of the Villa Hammerschmidt (September 7, 1987)

A Green Party Delegation in the GDR (September 1986)

State Visit by Erich Honecker (September 7–11, 1987)

Surveys Show a Strong Sense of Cohesion after Four Decades of Division (October 23, 1989)

PEN Meeting (1964)

The Currency Problems of East German Vacationers (August 30, 1980)

Marion Gräfin Dönhoff, “Stones against Red Tanks” (June 25, 1953)

The Politburo of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany: Further Measures in the Fight against Republikflucht (December 15, 1953)

Finding Substitutes for West German Imports: Report from a Central Committee Brigade (March 16, 1961)

Monitoring Telephone Traffic with the Federal Republic (November 14, 1952)

The Causes of Emigration: Report from a Central Committee Brigade on Security Issues (May 24, 1961)

Refugees from the Soviet Occupation Zone/GDR in the Federal States of West Germany (1950 and 1961)

Refugee Movement (1950–1963)