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The Labor Minister Welcomes the Millionth Guest Worker (October 30, 1964)

The Onset of Turkish Labor Migration (1961)

Female Guest Workers from Greece in an Alcoholic Beverage Factory in Hamburg (1963)

Turkish School Class (1969)

Italian Guest Workers (1962)

Italian Guest Workers in the Building Industry (1962)

Foreign Workers, Guest Workers, Colleagues? (April 1966)

Turkish Guest Workers (1969)

The Partial Success of Return Incentives for Guest Workers (December 14, 1974)

The Growing Influx of Guest-Worker Children (November 8, 1974)

The Federal Republic Halts Foreign Labor Recruitment in the Wake of the Oil Crisis (June 13, 1974)

Private Accommodations at the Ford Factory in Cologne (1971)

Agreement between the GDR and Vietnam on the Importation of Contract Labor (April 11, 1980)

The Plight of Turkish Women in a Foreign Land (May 1, 1980)

Vietnamese Guest Workers Assemble Refrigerators at DKK Scharfenstein, a Publicly Owned Enterprise (c. 1980)

Guest Workers’ Stories (Retrospective Account, 2013)

Turkish Shops in the Kreuzberg District of West Berlin (1983)

“Worker Treaty Rome – Bonn Signed,” Frankfurter Rundschau (December 21, 1955)

“Italian Workers to Germany,” Der Tagesspiegel (December 21, 1955)

“The Foreign Workers and Us,” Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (June 3, 1961)