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Hanns Martin Schleyer and Walter Arendt (1971)

Employment Office in Frankfurt am Main (1975)

The GDR at the End of the 1970s (August 10, 1979)

Conclusion of the XI. SED Party Congress in the Palace of the Republic in East Berlin (April 21, 1986)

Economics Minister Karl Schiller on “Concerted Action” (January 9, 1967)

West German Steel Crisis (1983)

The West German Steel Crisis of the 1980s (c. 2002)

A Shortage of Everyday Commodities (May 15, 1979)

The Right of Complaint (1980)

The Social Welfare State in Crisis (July 27, 1981)

The Federal Republic Halts Foreign Labor Recruitment in the Wake of the Oil Crisis (June 13, 1974)

“The Latest Rumor” (April 1872)

Christian Ludwig Bokelmann, The People’s Bank Shortly Before the Crash (1877)

Unemployed Men Standing in Front of the Berlin Employment Office (June 22, 1933)

The Bundestag and the Euro Crisis (June 24, 2012)

Germany’s Image Suffers during the Euro Crisis (March 27, 2013)