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Signing the Quadripartite Agreement on Berlin (June 3, 1972)

American Wartime Propaganda Film “Why We Fight” (1942)

Hamburg after the Operation Gomorrah Bombings (July 1943)

Dresden in the Aftermath of Allied Bombing (February 13-14, 1945)

Inferno in Dresden’s Inner City (February 13, 1945)

Transcript of Surreptitiously Taped Conversations among German Nuclear Physicists at Farm Hall (August 6-7, 1945)

Sworn Statement in which Former Reichsbank Employee Albert Thoms Reports on the Bank’s Receipt of Valuables Taken from Death Camp Victims (May 26, 1948)

The Liberation of Bergen-Belsen (April 1945)

Civilians Forced to Confront the Realities of Genocide at Buchenwald (April 1945)

Wartime Art Theft: Hermann Göring’s Art Collection (1945)

Final Days of Fighting in Berlin (1945)

Protocol on Zones of Occupation and the Administration of “Greater Berlin” (September 12, 1944)

Report of the Yalta (Crimea) Conference (February 4-11, 1945)

Excerpts from the Protocol of the Proceedings of the Yalta (Crimea) Conference (February 11, 1945)

The Establishment of the Allied Control Council (June 5, 1945)

Soviet and American Officers Meet (1945)

The Yalta (Crimea) Conference (February 1, 1945)

Excerpts from the Report on the Potsdam Conference (Potsdam Agreement) (August 2, 1945)

The Allied Governments on the Zones of Occupation and the Administration of “Greater Berlin” (July 26, 1945)

“Regarding the Defeat of Germany” – The Allied Commanders-in-Chief in Berlin (June 5, 1945)

Conference of Military Governors and State Leaders of the “Bizone” in Frankfurt am Main (January 7-8, 1948)

The Berlin Ultimatum (November 27, 1958)

U.S. State Department Memorandum (December 20, 1958)

The Casablanca Conference (January 14-26, 1943)

The London Four-Power Agreement (August 8, 1945)