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The Barricades at Kronen- and Friedrichsstrasse (in Berlin) on March 18, 1848, as Seen by an Eyewitness (1848)

National Property (1848)

Prisoners being Led across the Elbe Bridge in Dresden after the Suppression of the Uprising on May 9, 1849 (1849)

Carl von Clausewitz, Excerpts from On War (1832)

Carl von Clausewitz

Helmuth von Moltke, Memorandum on the Effect of Improvements in Firearms on Battlefield Tactics (1861)

Helmuth von Moltke, Memorandum on a Possible War between Prussia and Austria (1866)

German-Danish War: Prussian Troops March through the Brandenburg Gate (1864)

German-Danish War: Destroyed Mill near Düppel/Jütland (1864)

Helmuth von Moltke (c. 1871)

German-Danish War: Occupation of Flensburg (1864)

The Weavers’ Misery (c. 1850)

Military Exercises for Prussian Recruits around 1880 (no date)