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Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Munich’s Olympic Stadium (August 26, 1972)

Federal Chancellery in Bonn (1986)

Berlin Panorama (c. 1840)

Hamburg: Views of the Patriotic Society, the Baumhaus, the Old Bourse, and the Hamburg-Berlin Train Station (late 1840s)

Hamburg: Views of the Schweinemarkt, the New Bourse, the Jungfernstieg, and St. Michael’s Church (late 1840s)

The Alte Synagogue in Dresden by Architect Gottfried Semper (1840). Lithograph by Ludwig Thümling (1850)

The New Synagogue in Kassel by Architect Albrecht Rosengarten (1839). Lithograph by Conrad Loewer (c. 1840–50)

Romanticism: Friedrich Schlegel, Excerpts from Selected Works (1798–1804)

Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Gothic Cathedral (1811)

The Old Museum in Berlin (c. 1825)

The New Theater in Berlin (c. 1825)

The School of Architecture in Berlin (c. 1835)

The “Kino International” and the Hotel Berolina (background) on Karl-Marx-Alle, East Berlin (c. 1965)

The Neue Nationalgalerie (New National Gallery) on Potsdamer Platz in West Berlin (1965–68)

Leipzig Concert Hall (Gewandhaus), Interior (1884)

Leipzig Concert Hall (Gewandhaus), Exterior (1884)

Hitler and Urban Planning in Berlin: Minutes of the Meeting in the Reich Chancellery (March 29, 1934)

Volkswagen Plant (1939)

Model of the “World Capital Germania,” Following Plans by Albert Speer (1939)

Jürgen Petersen, “Albert Speer – a German Master Builder” (1942)

New Buildings in Sangerhausen (Saxony-Anhalt) (1953)

Stalinstadt (later: Eisenhüttenstadt) (1960)

“U.S.A. Architecture” in West Berlin (1952)