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Johann August Wirth at the Hambach Festival (May 1832)

Inmates in the Prison Church (1837)

Carl Welcker, Additions to Gentz’s Memorandum (1844)

Friedrich Eichhorn to Adolf Heinrich von Arnim (June 7, 1844)

The Storming of Frankfurt’s Main Police Station on April 3, 1833 (1833)

Eyes Open! (c. 1845)

Excerpt from the Staats-Lexikon: “Constitution, Constitutional System” (1845–48)

David Hansemann to Prussian Interior Minister Ernst von Bodelschwingh (March 1, 1848)

Carl von Rotteck (undated)

The Liberals: Heppenheim Program of the Southwest German Liberals (October 10, 1847)

Labor Unrest in Breslau (1847)

The Weavers’ Misery (c. 1850)

Ludolf Wienbarg, Aesthetic Campaigns. Dedicated to Young Germany (1834)

Heinrich Heine: Excerpts from The Romantic School (1836)

George Gottfried Gervinus, Excerpts from the Introduction to The History of the Poetical National Literature of the Germans (1840)

Ludwig Börne, Letters from Paris (1833)