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Peter Cornelius, The Last Judgment (1836–39)

Election Day in the Bavarian Mountains (c. 1870)

King Ludwig II of Bavaria (1887)

A Family Flees from East to West over the Border in the Bavarian Forest (1948-49)

Elisabeth Meyer-Spreckels, “Marriage and Family in the Constitution: Report to the Bavarian Constitutional Assembly” (August 14, 1946)

Debate of the Bill by Deputy August Schwingenstein (CSU) and Others in the Bavarian Landtag [State Parliament] Concerning the Protection of Youth against Immoral Influences (1948)

Newspaper Article about Children of African-American Members of the Allied Forces (1951)

“Black Becomes White, or Automatic Denazification” (1946)

Camp for “Displaced Persons” from the Soviet Union (1945-46)

A Family of Expellees from the Sudetenland in Southern Germany (1948)

Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler Heights, the Obersalzberg, Postcard (March 21, 1933)


Pope Benedict XVI Visits his Native Bavaria (September 10, 2006)