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Central Europe on the Eve of the French Revolution (1786)

Joachim Heinrich Campe, “Letters from Paris, 1789” (1790)

Georg Forster, “On the Relationship of the People of Mainz to the Franks,” delivered to the Society of the Friends of the People in Mainz (November 15, 1792)

Friedrich Cotta, “On the Good Life the People of the Rhine and the Mosel Can Now Have” (November 30, 1792)

Georg Forster, “Observations on [France’s] New Communal Spirit” (1793)

Emperor Franz II’s Confidential Instructions to his Officials in Austria and Bohemia on “Preventive Measures for the Maintenance of Peace and Order among the Citizenry” (February 9, 1793)

Friedrich Schlegel, Essay on the Concept of Republicanism Occasioned by the Kantian Tract ‘Perpetual Peace’ (1796)

Friedrich Cotta, “On the State Constitution in France” (c. 1793)

“Declaration of Sovereignty of the [German] People Between the [Rivers] Meuse, Rhine, and Mosel” (November 13, 1797)

Caroline Böhmer, Letter to Louise and Friedrich Wilhelm Gotter (April 19, 1793)

Konrad Engelbert Oelsner, “What May Be Hoped for from Freedom” (1794)

Friedrich von Gentz (1786)

The Storming of the Bastille in Paris on July 14, 1789

Joachim Heinrich Campe (1779)

Mechanical Beheading Device built after a Design by Guillotin (1789)

Emperor Leopold II and King Frederick William II Meet in Pillnitz on August 25, 1791

Liberty Pole (1792)

Public Execution of Marie Antoinette on October 16, 1793 (c. 1793)

French Anniversary Celebration on July 14, 1790

“The New French Constitution” (1791)

Violent Disarming of the Nobility in the Tuileries on February 28, 1791

The Siege of Mainz on October 22, 1792 (1793)

Joseph Görres (1838)

Erecting a Liberty Pole in Speyer (1798)

A Jewish Dandy (1804)