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Poster: International Vietnam Congress (February 17–18, 1968)

Che Guevara as Revolutionary Icon (1970–1989)

SPD Poster for Bundestag Elections: Hans-Jochen Vogel (1983)

SPD Poster for Bundestag Elections: “Make Treaties, not Arms” (1983)

CDU Poster for Bundestag Elections: “Upwards with Germany” (1983)

The Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (1974)

Hindenburg and Hitler to the Farmers’ Rescue: National Socialist Election Poster for the Reichstag Election (March 5, 1933)

Great Anti-Bolshevist Exhibition Poster (1937)

Film Poster: Victory over Versailles (1939)

Propaganda Poster from Occupied Poland: “Beware of Typhus. Avoid Jews” (1941)

Travel Poster “A Pleasant Trip to Germany” (c. 1936)

Poster Urging Vaccination against Diphtheria (c. 1934)

Poster Warning of Venereal Diseases (1950)

Poster for a Jazz Concert (1957)

Poster Protesting the Invasion of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic by Warsaw Pact Troops (August 21, 1968)

Propaganda Poster: “Farms for ‘New Farmers’ from Materials from Demolished Barracks and Manor Houses” (May 1948)