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The Protestant Churches and Eastern Europe (October 15, 1965)

The Moscow Treaty (August 12, 1970)

Protest Demonstration in Bonn against Brandt’s Ostpolitik (May 30, 1970)

Demonstration against the National Democratic Party of Germany in Essen (December 5, 1970)

Correspondence between Nikolai Bulganin and Konrad Adenauer on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the USSR and the Federal Republic of Germany (September 13-14, 1955)

Three Telegrams from U.S. High Commissioner John McCloy to Secretary of State Dean Acheson regarding the “Stalin Note” (1952)

Soviet Draft of a German Peace Treaty – First “Stalin Note” (March 10, 1952)

Western Powers’ Reply (March 25, 1952)

A Family Flees from East to West over the Border in the Bavarian Forest (1948-49)

Excerpts from the Report on the Potsdam Conference (Potsdam Agreement) (August 2, 1945)

At the Border Crossing in Helmstedt (November 18, 1950)

Marion Gräfin Dönhoff: “Homeland in the East” (1950)

German-Soviet Boundary and Friendship Treaty – The New Borders after the Division of Poland (September 28, 1939)

Two-Plus-Four Treaty on Germany (September 12, 1990)

The Reestablishment of the Länder (April 19, 1990)

Angela Merkel’s Policy towards Refugees (2015)

The Hopes of East German Refugees (August 8, 1989)

Opening of the Iron Curtain (August 19, 1989)

GDR Refugees with their New West German Passports (August 19, 1989)