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Mechanical Reaper (c. 1840)

Progress and Regression (1844)

Steam Plow from 1858 (c. 1860)

Ernst Dronke, Excerpts from Berlin (1846)

Pollution Caused by a Chemical Factory in the Westphalian Town of Iserlohn (1839–52)

Borsig Plant and Foundry (1847)

Royal Iron Foundry near Gleiwitz (c. 1850)

Processing Mercury and Silver (c. 1845)

Excerpts from a Clinical Report and Autopsy by Professor Traube on a Patient with Lung Disease Caused by Coal Dust (1860)

Casting at the Aloishütte Smelting Works (1856)

Petition by the Citizens of Ulm (October 1862) and Report from Bavaria’s Central Office for Industry and Commerce (January 1863)

Hoechst Dye Works (1863)

Proportion of Non-Agricultural Workers in Germany’s Federal States and Prussian Provinces (1882)

Machine Room in Richard Hartmann’s Chemnitz Factory (1868)

Krupp Smokestacks in Essen (1861)

200-Meter Smokestack at the Halsbrücker Smelting Works Near Freiberg (1889)

The Burbach Smelting Works near Saarbrücken (1876)