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A Cook’s Apprentice from Cameroon (1888)

Hoisting the German Flag in Cameroon (1884)

“The Nubians in Berlin’s Zoological Garden” (1878)

Poster Advertising a Völkerschau Featuring “Australian Cannibals” (1885)

“A Cannibal Dance at the Leipzig Zoological Garden” (1885)

Paul Rohrbach on German Colonialism in Africa (1943)

Colonial Propaganda: Cameroon Tribal Chief in German Armor (n. d.)

Haggling for Colonies: Hitler Meets Franco (October 23, 1940)

The Writing on the Wall (October 12, 1955)

A Continent on the Move (January 7, 1960)

Nehru and Jinnah (August 21, 1947)

A Free India (August 14, 1947)

Article on the Partition of India (October 4, 1947)

The African Giant Stretches Its Limbs (September 18, 1960)