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A Cook’s Apprentice from Cameroon (1888)

Hoisting the German Flag in Cameroon (1884)

“The Nubians in Berlin’s Zoological Garden” (1878)

Poster Advertising a Völkerschau Featuring “Australian Cannibals” (1885)

“A Cannibal Dance at the Leipzig Zoological Garden” (1885)

The Writing on the Wall (October 12, 1955)

A Continent on the Move (January 7, 1960)

Nehru and Jinnah (August 21, 1947)

A Free India (August 14, 1947)

Article on the Partition of India (October 4, 1947)

The African Giant Stretches Its Limbs (September 18, 1960)

Paul Rohrbach on German Colonialism in Africa (1943)

Haggling for Colonies: Hitler Meets Franco (October 23, 1940)

Colonial Propaganda: Cameroon Tribal Chief in German Armor (n. d.)

Germany Rediscovers Its Colonial Past (October 16, 2016)