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Reading Stand with Genre Scene (1820–50)

Family during the Biedermeier Period (c. 1830)

The Children’s Room (1823)

In a Berlin Living Room (1816)

Caspar David Friedrich, Caroline at the Window (1822)

Carl Blechen, The Interior of the Palm House on Peacock Island (1832–34)

Biedermeier Chair with Inlay and Figurative Elements (c. 1830-40)

Adolph von Menzel, The Balcony Room (1845)

Fritz von Uhde, Children’s Nursery (1889)

Upper-Middle-Class Dining Room (1886)

Helmut Schmidt in his Office in the New Federal Chancellery (July 7, 1976)

Illustrations of Home Furnishings (1955-1960)

The Banker (c. 1730)

Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki, Cabinet d'un Peintre [A Painter's Cabinet] (1771)

An Industrious Mother and her Daughters Spin Wool (1769-74)

The Comforts of Home (1795)