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Erich Honecker on the “Unity of Economic and Social Policy” (June 15–19, 1971)

Social Policy and Economic Planning (April 28, 1972)

Prefabricated Concrete Buildings (1974)

The GDR at the End of the 1970s (August 10, 1979)

Conclusion of the XI. SED Party Congress in the Palace of the Republic in East Berlin (April 21, 1986)

Construction of the Oil Refinery in Schwedt (1962)

Producing Irons in Sörnewitz (1964)

An East German Manager Explains the Advantages of a Kombinat (June 24, 1972)

Walter Ulbricht on the “New Economic System” of the GDR (December 16, 1965)

Shortages Complicate Christmas Shopping in East Germany (December 21, 1980)

GDR Economics Minister Günter Mittag Explains the Failure of the Planned Economy (1991)

A Shortage of Everyday Commodities (May 15, 1979)

Line in Front of the Fish Hall (1982)

Erich Honecker Reviews His Successes (April 17–21, 1986)

Production of the Wartburg 353 (1966)

A Scarcity Economy (May 10, 1980)

A GDR Citizen’s Experience of Buying a New Wartburg (April 14, 1989)

Scarcity Economy (1986)

Vietnamese Guest Workers Assemble Refrigerators at DKK Scharfenstein, a Publicly Owned Enterprise (c. 1980)

“What You Won’t Read in Baedeker. A Short Travel Guide through the Eastern Zone” (1947)

The Immediate Tasks of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education: Resolution by the Central Committee of the Socialist Unity Party (February 1951)

Walter Ulbricht: The Second Five-Year Plan and the Building Up of Socialism in the German Democratic Republic (1956)

Poorly Planned Holidays (1953)

Statistical Report on the Development of the Standard of Living in the German Democratic Republic and in the Federal Republic of Germany (1956)

Information on the Public Mood with Regard to Provisioning in Berlin and the District of Potsdam (May 19, 1961)