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Adolf Eichmann behind Bulletproof Glass during his Trial in Jerusalem (1961)

Helmut Kohl and Ronald Reagan at the Military Cemetery in Bitburg (May 5, 1985)

The Karl Liebknecht House, Party Headquarters of the German Communist Party (January 22, 1933)

The Führer’s Decree on the Institution of a Chief of the German Police and Heinrich Himmler’s Appointment to the Post (June 17, 1936)

Hermann Göring names Heinrich Himmler Deputy Chief and “Inspector of the Prussian Political Police” (April 20, 1934)

Hitler’s Bodyguard Regiment [SS-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler] during a Six-Day Deployment (1936)

An SS Member Signs the Oath of Loyalty to Hitler at a Mass Rally on the People’s Day of Mourning (February 25, 1934)

Heinrich Himmler Trains for the Reich Sport Badge in Silver (1936)

Oswald Pohl’s Report to Heinrich Himmler on the Expansion of the Concentration Camps (April 30, 1942)

Decree from the Chief of the Security Police to the Heads of all State Police Offices (September 3, 1939)

Reinhard Heydrich, Head of the Security Police and the SD, on the Classification of Concentration Camps (January 2, 1941)

Heinrich Himmler, Frank Ziereis, and Ernst Kaltenbrunner at the Mauthausen Concentration Camp (April 27, 1941)

Reinhard Heydrich at a Fencing Competition with the Berlin SS Fencing Team (1939)

Heinrich Himmler during an Inspection of the Dachau Concentration Camp (March 1938)

Himmler’s Secret Speech to High Officials of the Reich Security Main Office (January 30, 1943)

Female SS Guards after their Arrest in Bergen-Belsen (April 15, 1945)

The Lidice Massacre: SS Members Set the Village Ablaze (July 1, 1942)

Two Perspectives on Nazi “Mercy Killing”: SS Article from Das Schwarze Korps (1937) and Letter from Helene (1940)

Group Photo of an SS Wedding on the Grounds of the Main Office for Race and Settlement (1936)

The Führer’s Decree on Preserving the Purity of the SS and the Police (November 15, 1941)

SS Marriage Order (December 31, 1931)

Josef Meisinger on “Combating Homosexuality as a Political Task” (April 5–6, 1937)

Heinrich Himmler Views Ancient Germanic Rune Markings in a Palatinate Quarry (1935)

Church Wedding of an SS Member in Uniform (1934)

SS Report on a Catholic Sermon (December 30, 1936)