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Gabriel Riesser (c. 1856)

Karl Marx in Exile in London (1849)

The New Peter von Amiens (1849)

Friedrich Engels (c. 1862)

Anton Kothgasser (Workshop), Glass Tumbler with Portrait of Field Marshall Karl Philipp Prince Schwarzenberg (c. 1815)

Cup and Saucer Commemorating the Battle of the Nations around Leipzig (c. 1815)

Kingdom of Hanover: Grenadiers of the Guard, Drummer, and Common Soldiers (c. 1835)

Portrait of Ferdinand Lassalle (c. 1860)

Carl von Clausewitz

Bivouac Life (1848)

German-Danish War: Prussian Troops March through the Brandenburg Gate (1864)

German-Danish War: Destroyed Mill near Düppel/Jütland (1864)

German-Danish War: Austrian Artillery Battery (1864)

Helmuth von Moltke (c. 1871)

German-Danish War: Occupation of Flensburg (1864)

The Princess Charlott, the first Steamboat on the Spree (1816)

Damask Tablecloth with Railroad Decoration (c. 1840)

Medallions Commemorating the Opening of Early Railway Lines (1839)

Smugglers Disembarking at a River Bank (1830)

Mechanical Reaper (c. 1840)

Inaugural Run of the first German Railroad between Nuremberg and Fürth on December 7, 1835 (1835)

Reception of the King and Queen of Saxony at Leipzig Station (1838)

Labor Unrest in Breslau (1847)

In Rittersgrün in the Ore Mountains, Children Produce Pillow Lace in the Cottage Industry (1847)

Beneficial Results of Protectionism (1848)