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Lacquer Box with Portrait of Friedrich Hecker (c. 1850)

Anton Kothgasser (Workshop), Glass Tumbler with Portrait of Field Marshall Karl Philipp Prince Schwarzenberg (c. 1815)

Cup and Saucer Commemorating the Battle of the Nations around Leipzig (c. 1815)

Damask Tablecloth with Railroad Decoration (c. 1840)

Medallions Commemorating the Opening of Early Railway Lines (1839)

Samuel Mohn, Glass Beaker with a Painting of the Grimma Gate in Leipzig (1815)

Ornamental Cup with View of the Kreuzberg Monument and a Panorama of Berlin (after 1824)

Reading Stand with Genre Scene (1820–50)

Gottlob Samuel Mohn, Glass Tumbler featuring a Painting of a Circassian with Orientalizing Architecture (1816)

Biedermeier Child’s Doll (c. 1830–35)

Luther Medallion for the Three-Hundredth Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation (1817)

Biedermeier Chair from the Berlin City Palace, designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel (c. 1829–30)

Biedermeier Chair with Inlay and Figurative Elements (c. 1830-40)

Executioner’s Sword (late 17th century)

Desktop Clock from the Workshop of David Roentgen (c. 1780-1790)

Torah Mantel (1747)