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Shortages Complicate Christmas Shopping in East Germany (December 21, 1980)

Line in Front of the Fish Hall (1982)

Scarcity Economy (1986)

The Central Office of the Protestant Train Station Mission: Progress Report (1945/46)

Food being Served to Children at a Hamburg School (1946)

The Health Office of the City of Düsseldorf on General Health Conditions (1946)

Two Boys with Pilfered Cabbages (1947)

From the City of Aachen’s Social Report on Family Housing (1947)

“What Do I Need to Know about Soli Packages?” (1947)

Confiscation of Living Space by the British Occupying Power (1947)

Waiting for Special Rations: Line in Front of a Butcher Shop in Hamburg-Winterhude (1947)

“30,000 People are Walking in Igelit Sandals” (1948)

Emergency Accommodations in “Nissen Huts” in Hamburg (1946)

Advertisement for Substitute Liverwurst at a Leipzig Store (1948)

Press Review: “Where to Put the Baby?” Critical Voices on the Subject of Daycare Centers (1953)

Poorly Planned Holidays (1953)

Information on the Public Mood with Regard to Provisioning in Berlin and the District of Potsdam (May 19, 1961)

The Politburo’s Argumentation Guidelines on the Change in the Quality of Bread (January 29, 1957)

Subsidized Housing (1952)

The Social Democratic Party’s Housing Construction Program for the Western Occupation Zones (May/June, 1949)

New Buildings in Sangerhausen (Saxony-Anhalt) (1953)

OMGUS Survey on Worries and Hardship in Germany (May–October 1946)

OMGUS Summary of Trends in German Public Opinion (December 17, 1947)

OMGUS Survey on Attitudes toward the Food Situation (1946–47)

Rebuilding the Economy in the American and British Occupation Zones (1948)