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The Passion Play in Oberammergau (1860)

Evening Prayer (1823)

Ludwig von Rohden, Excerpts from History of the Rhenish Missionary Society (1857)

Daniel Schenkel, Excerpts from The German Protestant Association (1868)

Mockery of Ultramontanism and Obscurantism in the Roman Catholic Church (c. 1847)

The Holy Robe of Trier (1844)

August Tholuck (undated)

Cologne Cathedral (1869)

Johann Christian Wallmann, Sorrows and Joys of Rhenish Missionaries (1856)

Excerpts from H. E. G. Paulus’s Pamphlet on the Emancipation of the Jews in Baden (1831)

The Conservatives: Friedrich Julius Stahl, “What is the Revolution?” (1852)

Jakob Marx on the Exhibition of the Holy Robe in Trier (1844)

Open Air Mass in Munich (1958)

Decline in Religious Observance among Catholics and Protestants (1960–1989)

Koran Lessons in the Basement of a Mosque (1981)

A Crematorium (c. 1875)