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The Passion Play in Oberammergau (1860)

The Congress of Vienna under the Leadership of Prince Clemens von Metternich (1814–15)

The Congress (1815)

The Wartburg Festival (1817)

Karl Ludwig Sand on the Scaffold in Mannheim on May 20, 1820 (c. 1820)

Portrait of Prince Clemens von Metternich (c. 1815)

Portrait of Ernst Moritz Arndt (1817)

Karl Ludwig Sand Murders August von Kotzebue (after 1819)

Ernst Moritz Arndt, “The German Fatherland” (1813)

A Delicate Journalistic Dance (c. 1840)

Portrait of the Poet August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben as a Young Man (1819)

“The Thinkers’ Club”: Restrictions on the Press and Free Expression (1819)

Inmates in the Prison Church (1837)

The Hambach Festival (1832)

The Second Wartburg Festival (1848)

The First General Gymnastics Festival in Coburg (1860)

The First German Rifle Club Festival in Gotha (1861)

The Storming of Frankfurt’s Main Police Station on April 3, 1833 (1833)

Eyes Open! (c. 1845)

Opening of the First United Landtag on April 11, 1847 (c. 1847)

An Announcement by Friedrich Wilhelm IV on March 21, 1848 (1848)

The Barricades at Kronen- and Friedrichsstrasse (in Berlin) on March 18, 1848, as Seen by an Eyewitness (1848)

National Property (1848)

David Justus Ludwig Hansemann (no date)

Burial of the Fighters Fallen for Liberty on March 22, 1848 (1848)